Vadim Zlotnikov, President, Fidelity Institutional Asset Management
Alpha ExchangeMarch 29, 2022
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Vadim Zlotnikov, President, Fidelity Institutional Asset Management

Over a 30-year career in markets, Vadim Zlotnikov has gained a strong appreciation for the value of time horizon in risk management and alpha generation. Noting that being sufficiently early in expressing a view on markets is not much different from being wrong, Vadim stresses the importance of implementation in achieving a successful outcome. Here we talk of trade construction that is not necessarily burdened by high carry costs. We also discuss the endogenous nature of many market risks, an area that Vadim has focused on considerably and has developed a view that crowding plays a role in market vulnerability.

Now the President of Fidelity Institutional Asset Management, Vadim is highly focused on portfolio construction and the exposures that should comprise the strategic allocation of his firm’s clients. In this pursuit, he’s thinking about the mix of assets that, in combination, is diversifying and able to deliver attractive returns. In this context, we discuss the changing interaction between risky and risk-free assets and the need to include additional sources of diversification including strategies focused on commodities, long/short equities and potentially, digital assets.

Lastly, Vadim shares some of his thinking on the importance of diversification through strategies that have unique time horizons. Here, he makes the point that the alpha generation found in value investing takes place over a much different time horizon than does the alpha that accrues from momentum-based strategies.

I hope you enjoy this episode of the Alpha Exchange, my conversation with Vadim Zlotnikov.