Cameron Crise, Macro Strategist, Bloomberg
Alpha ExchangeApril 22, 2022
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Cameron Crise, Macro Strategist, Bloomberg

Armed with the power of the terminal, and bringing together a gift for writing and a deeply curious mind, Cameron Crise is a macro strategist at Bloomberg, contributing pieces on the big picture topics investment professionals are wrestling with. The author of the Macro Man column, Cameron utilizes a framework developed over years on the buy-side in portfolio management roles in which managing interest rate and FX risk were among his primary responsibilities.

Through our conversation, we gather Cameron’s views on some of the overarching areas of uncertainty, focusing on the US interest rate vol surface and what it tells us. In this context, Cameron emphasizes the degree of uncertainty – via elevated options prices – embedded in the shorter maturities of the curve, ultimately a result of how much work the Fed has ahead of it. We talk as well about pricing incongruities and here he notes that the equity market multiple has not contracted nearly to the degree elevated inflation would imply it should. Lastly, Cameron points to curious differentials in the Euribor versus Eurodollar curves. Here, he notes that even as forward prices suggest the US may shift from an aggressive tightening cycle to actually easing in 2024, the Euribor curve implies ongoing tightening during this period. According to Cameron, The ECB has never actually hiked rates as the Fed was actively cutting, as is priced in 2024. Something to think about.

I hope you enjoy this episode of the Alpha Exchange, my conversation with Cameron Crise.